Thursday, 13 July 2017

New App Update: Download Naija Jam Alert v1.1.1

A new version of Naija Jam Alert (v1.1.1) is now available for you to download.

This new version fixes minor bugs in NJA v1.1.

You may not notice any visible difference but this (fix) version actually saves you over 2MB of phone memory.

NB: If your app doesn't look like the screenshot above, it means you're still using NJA v1.0.

Please download and update to this new version because new posts on Naija Jam Alert are made without considering the outdated v1.0 app.

For example, on the post "Check out this cute photos of Davido's 2nd daughter", you were able to see just 1 photo, but guess what? Those using the v1.1 saw all the 3 photos.

Update your app biko!

[ Download NJA v1.1.1 Now ]

- David Awunor

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